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Shifting,Switching, Recalibrating, and Adjusting.

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

The Shift

This has been on my mind for some time and I figured a blog post would be the best way to make that new direction in how I share my work and process official.

For the past few years I adopted the idea of closed systems where I only would show those of you who paid me for a full glimpse behind the curtain on my Patreon.

Going forward I am shifting to posting and sharing direct on my blog here on which is open to any who visits my site.

Now while my Patreon page will still exist as a means of support the way I share my art will shift to mostly live on this blog and my site. However as a patron of my work if you did join me in Patreon or plan to it still has all the tiered benefits:

• Special Art Shop discount codes

• freebies such as Stickers

• Print clubs

• And more!

See more about tiers here. And I do hope you consider that level of support because it does help grow my projects.


So back to this recalibration of how I share my work—I need to feel more open in my sharing and not hiding away where only a few see what I am working on.

I recognized that I actually am more productive and bring projects and ideas to fruition when I can show the process along the way to a wider audience.

I like having the freedom to post and show anytime I want rather than having this invisible pressure hanging over me that I shouldn’t post publicly because I should only share with those who support me monetarily.

I know in a world where everyone is shutting the door and only allowing paid admission this decision may seem like a poor idea. I disagree and may be wrong in terms of making profit but in the end this about my creative experience and I just don’t feel closed systems are beneficial to my creative process currently.

Perhaps this path and direction will change once a large group of Patrons joins me but until that time I don’t feel like it’s a good place to lock myself away at.

While I absolutely honor and am thankful for all those amazing patrons over the years I feel that my tiers offer enough special things that are really separate from what I post so I am making a clear separation on that.

A new old path...

  • Now that my explanation is out of the way let’s end the year with this shift into a more open fertile space to grow my garden of ideas.

  • Starting the new year off with a fresh studio wall full of works in progress…I will be blogging more about this special project I am in the middle of soon!

  • Next up this year was another weird one for sure and deserves a year end review post stay tuned!

  • Thanks for looking and reading and being part of this journey!

Heart the post to let me know you were here or leave a comment if you like but the hearts are enough ❤️

Keep doing, being and dreaming yourself awake!

Openly yours,


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