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House Broken

This is a collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures created during 2006 for Angie's Solo show in May of 2006 in Philadelphia,PA. at Art Star Gallery. 

The idea of home is within all of us, be it the home we long for or the home we yearn to escape. Regardless of our individual experiences, each of us journeys through life to discover the safety, love and warmth that a true home provides. Inevitably we face our own personal fears and struggles along the way, becoming damaged in the process- but loss and pain occasionally 
must be the material from which we build. 

A true home is found within oneself. Our memories, feelings, and experiences are the inhabitants of ourselves, dwelling within us to provide the comfort we seek. In life we must learn how to construct our home so that we may comfortably live within ourselves. 

Like any house, we endure our personal storms, and like any house, we become broken. But we can withstand even the most severe damage, persevering against loss and pain time and again by clinging to the comfort and love for our home. 

I myself have come from a broken home, uprooted many times throughout my youth, no stranger to hardship and loss. Though the journey was difficult, I have found my home. The dichotomy of House Broken is at once a struggle of confrontation as well as a celebration of my homecoming. 

Built and broken through loss and pain, love and comfort, I have created this place for myself. I call  it home. I have been House Broken; I am House Broken.


The CareTaker´s Burden
Home is Where there HeartClog Is
Take Flight
Suspect Ignition
Search Party (The Resilient Passage
The Drowning Storm
Tree House Refuge
Loose String Bird Girl
Teetering Root Rot
The Purging
The CareTaker´s Burden Paper Doll
The Stunned (Helpless Gazer´s )
Housed Mememories Of The Heart
Homeward Root Bound
Anchor´s Away (The Sinking)
Heart Hole Sink Down Girl
House Broken Promo
Housed Memories of the Heart Sketch
The Purging Sketch
Show Installation - Mural
Show Installation
Show Installation
The Voyage Home
The Voyage Home
Housed Memories of the Heart Sketch
Uprooted House Girl Sketch
Homing Bird Carrying Home Within
Home is Where the HeartClog Is - Sk
Show Installation
Show Installation
Show Installation
Show Installation
Show Installation
Show Installation
Opening Show
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