Vision Drips

Various artworks created including painting, drawings and sculptures which were created

during the years of 2010 - 2018 From Protest art to singular paintings created for various group shows.


Inside me there’s a forest where my memo
Catopus I Can Haz CatCones
May Your Cup Runneth Over
‘Girl In Eruption’
Empress of Clarity
Selfie with cats
The Stars Eat Her Body
Dealt Hand
No Bees No Us
Love Bites
The Sweet Defeat
Always The Fool ( Jerk in The Box)
Bat Cat Lady
Pendulum Plague
Tight Rope Walker Teetering
Some Magic Left In Me
The Proletariats Breakdown
Momentary Lapse of Living
I'm Batty For You
Merry and Bright
Kitty Kitty Krampas
All Stars Die
Choke Hold
Game Over
Goat Girl
This is What Forever Feels Like
Sad Melinda
This Is Forever
The Elite Beast
Memory Ghost
Making All The Wrong Friends
Thumper Stumper (Its Not My Year)
Dream Hatcher
May Your Cup Runneth Over
Ice Queen Cones Meltdown
Sweet Defeat
Dealt Hand
Sketch book Brain Spill -Untitled
Tough Love
The Healing Tree
When Giving Leaves You Empty
Serpent Girl
Heart Clog Girl
Always The Fool (Jerk in The Box)
Sink or Swim Between Worlds
The Trees
Life is a Circle
Owner of a Lonely Heart
To Heal and Back
Heart Stopper Popper
Entangled Again
I Cant Hold Time ...
The Take Over Takes Me Down
Final Exit
Jerk in the Box
Rotten Queen Core
Wounded Friendship
Eye Smacker - Bi Paddle
Not So Magical More Like A Mess
Bruised Heart Beauties Necklace
Hadley Had a Heart
Hadley Had a Heart
Lost to The Sea
Severed Parasite
Wish Stick Wanderers
Bruised Heart Beauties 1 of 4
Bruised Heart Beauties 2 of 4
Bruised Heart Beauties 3 of 4
Bruised Heart Beauties 4 of 4