Artist Statement

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My visual playground, the world which I create is home to saturnine moody bruised soul creatures. Images showcase many of their touching sad yet hysterical scenarios. The visuals are a stitched queasy patchwork quilt of emotions, an imperfect, cracked veiny world in all their beautiful imperfections. It's a place where failures, wishers and dreamers live; A place that brings laughter and sadness together for tea.


Within my work I visually explore twisted life combinations using the balance of opposites (dark vs. light or sweet vs. sour). The human experience is full of many strange tragic moments that are sad yet, at the same time, so full of comedy. It is this mix of comedy and tragedy that I enjoy fusing together. Humor and horror married together to give birth to a family of characters that are my reflections on the world. By utilizing my characters, I aim to paint truths about being human creating a balance or a tug of war between good and evil, hope and despair all while telling stories and navigating through my life. These character documentations are my modern fairy tale I am weaving together, growing it with time and experience. My characters ,me and the viewer are all on a journey together.


The work reflects how I cope and see things within our modern world. Much of the work stems from personal life experiences, dreams, memories ,fairy tales, to the world's current events and state. Everything I encounter, I filter through as an ingredient toward cooking up my personal visions which have a flavor I like to refer to as Grotesque Folk Pop. This melancholy menagerie of characters and worlds are a funny, whimsical, dark, and tragic view at the wonderful mess of life. Creating magic in life and making a personal universe is a wonderful gift not only to myself but also to the others around me. A wise cookie I ate once told me "Ideas you may believe are absurd ultimately lead to success. Lucky numbers:22, 12, 7, 46, 4, 25"

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