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The Early Years

This is a collection of visuals which were created by Angie Mason from the years of 2003 and earlier through the 1990s. This is an interesting look at Angie's formative years from her teens through her 20s. Be sure to check back as more work is uncovered and released from the Art'Chives. To check on Availability please contact the Studio.

You Are Broken, We Can Fix You
Stoopid Lazy Bunny
Sad Robot
Swollen Dreams
Sup Dawg
Enjoy Yourself
Skate Betty Boo Boo
Boofy Poofy
Heart Suckula
Handless Maiden
Needle Nose
Unicorn On The Cobb
Alice Wonders What Went Wrong
Division Chunks
Apple Pit Heart
Pigeon Hold Girl
Frog Clog and Other Problems
Untitled (Holiday)
Young Gods
Pin Bug - Sketch
Memory Jar
Sketchbook page
Chicken Leg Loser
Untitled (The Sweetest Thing )
Sup Dawg Sketch
Sketchbook pages - Untitled
Harold Elephant and 1:30
Apple Belly Bug
Cat Trick
Stoopid Lazy Bunny drawing
Bock Bock Bot
Vices sketch
Dick and Boobra w/ her sister sketch
Polite Bite
Sketchbook pages - Untitled
Blue Head Untitled
Sketchbook pages - Untitled
Sketchbook pages - Untitled
Sketchbook page - Untitled
Burnt Golloshes
Sketchbook page - Untitled
Milk,Milk,Lemonaid,Around the Corner
A night at CBGBs NYC
Unity Together for Tomorrow
Putting your Lights out...
The Magic Show(Off)
Cowboy - Sketchbook page
Schizophrenic Smoke Job
Garden Frenzy
A Dirty Picture
Costume Party
Mr. GreenTea Fancy Pants
Yummy Elf
Seasoned Greetings lettering
Telephone Head
Senior Exhibit
Devils Fool Cake
Poppa Wheely hand Made art book
Holiday Promo
Baby Bone Yard
Nose Party
Pecker Head
Sweet Me Soup
Alienated not one with the crowd
Art School Drawing
Art School Drawing
Art School Drawing
17 Year Old Angie with Painting
Distrorted Meridian
17 Years old at SummerArts Institute
Distortionism -Character sketch
Iron - Drawing
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