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Creative Goals 2024 And Sketchbooks

Creative Goals 2024

So I have been spending time reflecting on the past year as well as thinking about how I want to spend the time in 2024 and I kept coming back to wanting to work on improving my dedicated sketchbook practice. Carving out time and space daily to practice mark making and visualization, as well as writing but a definite focus on visuals.

Here in this video I share a page from my new sketch book I just began for the new year… here is what it said ( or watch the video for a bit of a story time read aloud).

Sketchbooks are for You.

For YOU, they are sacred spaces, safe spaces, free to explore, zone out, release, have brain spills, practice, scribble, doodle, make a masterpiece, plan, hope, dream.

Explore, practice , plot, concepts, marks.


  • make messes

  • make magic

  • tell stories

Brain dumping is encouraged here!

Just Show Up.

Hello 2024-Lets geto it.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all a creative filled, peaceful year.

All my creative energy ,

Angie ❤️

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