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Allowing Space between our work—The importance of rest.

Allowing Space between our work—The importance of rest.

Let’s talk about our work—our projects—the things we do, the things we build, the things we love. How can we make our work stronger? What actions can we take to create even better work? My answer—Pause.

S L O W  D O W N!

  1. Pause.

  2. Rest.

  3. Reflect.

  4. Reset.

Allow for this space between all the work we do ( big and small). I believe you will find more peace, balance, and calm by doing this giving you greater clarity moving forward into your next project. By slowing down we can take note of what we have done and what we need to do with a quieter mind and a sharper eye. Our vision becomes clearer when we pause, the noise of all the daily chaos quiets. Things we didn’t see before come into focus, our clarity improves.

Also by practicing putting space to pause between our daily work and creative projects really helps with preventing burnout since we are not machines and need the down time to recharge. Typically I work for 90 minutes of focused time then break for 30 minutes to go over what I have done and to clear my mind for the next thing. Sure there are exceptions to this when you are say painting and really get into a flow state and end up painting for hours and hours. That is not typical of how my work patterns go, so the 90 / 30 concept tend to fall more in line with a healthier way of being daily.

Try it. Pause.

Take the space. That moment of pause to reflect on what we have done as well as clearing our mind as we begin something new. This pause is our fresh start. Our reset to reclaim balance in our life as well as have greater clarity in the choices we make within the work.  Not only do we see clearer we see deeper.

An exercise you can try during your pause to help release the noise from your mind is to have a brain spill on paper.

  • Write or doodle all the thoughts you have swirling in your mind. No matter how trivial they feel or sound write them all down.

  • Not only will this be helpful for you to reference daily notes on your life but also and most importantly it releases it from your minds space freeing you up to sit, rest, and reset.

Allow for this space between things, it helps steady oneself and brings more balance to life.

We can navigate days in a much more calm clear minded way by allowing this space in our lives, which also can help others by creating a beacon of  peace within ourselves, this can spread into what we do and who we work with by taking this thoughtful approach.

Do you give yourself space between work or life tasks?

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Angie Mason is a mid career artist, born in Northern New Jersey and a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City. Her prolific visual career has crossed many creative boundaries. Having had solo exhibits in NYC, Berlin Germany as well as having her artwork shown all over the world in numerous group exhibitions. She has also been in the design world working in the toy and publishing industry.

"As a visual person having a wide scope of all visual angles allows for me to constantly examine ideas in new ways that allow for greater discovery and growth within myself and the work." Angie visually explores the darkness and light we face in life through the creation of character narrative works. Primarily she presents the work as paintings and drawings. Varied influences are found within her work ranging from such things as nature, love, relationships, dreams, memories, humor, loss and health to name a few.

These mixed influences cause a balance of light and dark that intermingle with each other creating a visual playground, bringing to life quirky characters that are beautifully rendered yet with a painterly hand giving them an innocent raw touch. Mason's works are both horrific and humorous, yet speaks of what it means to be human.


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Sweet Dreams,

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