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Starting over & Visually mapping Time…

Starting over & Visually mapping Time…

Sometimes we start over... actually starting over happens so many times in our lives we begin again at whatever it is we are facing. Things/ people / experiences all have unclear expiration dates...but we all face ends and beginnings over and over till it's over.

As a very basic example just look back at social media how we start on one platform or website or blog and end up somewhere totally new and we have to learn how things work all over again. I think at this point in my life observing time passing we get a chunk of years that can average between 4-7 solid years of stability with something and then it breaks, ends or changes and the shift happens. Now there are some rare instances you get more time but more often than not it's less time. Then you have to begin again. Sign up , sign on, migrate, restart, move, shift and grow.

It happens to us all, with all sorts of different life events. Sometimes just noting that little truth can be helpful to see for anyone struggling at the start. Nothing lasts forever, nothing is static everything is changing all the time... we are growing all the time.

Starting over can mean organizing and planning. Time moves fast and I move slow and that is when I realize I need to visually map things out for myself. This helps me navigate my days. Whether it's thinking and sorting mundane tasks or passion projects, this kind of visual time wheel helps me sort my days and approach things to be more fruitful and creative.

What is a time wheel? Well for me its simply like a clock graph that I draw in my notes to visualize time in chunks and what can I really fit in a day. It helps me accept the mundane tasks even appreciate the repetition of helps me get into a flow where I can balance my time better and not get bummed about the mundanity of many days it's just part of being alive and there is room for all the good stuff too but taking care of the mundane tasks makes my life better so I realize that and accept them.

• Here is a look at one of my visual time wheels, a funny bit of my personal madness— a peek 🫣 into the way I organize myself daily - simply put my time wheels help me visualize my day.

• I have paid attention to my patterns and figured out the windows of where I have those deep focus spurts (the 10-12pm is my best energy flow creative output).

• Also I found my best most energetic day is Tuesday. It was funny to track my creative energy and see I get the most done that day. If you are curious to track your own simply note for a couple weeks to a month how you feel each day. Make note of tasks and projects you get done or when you had a deep focus / creative thinking happen. Look back over the month to compare the weeks and note any patterns or energy shifts from day to day.

• So I have my time wheel method, what tricks do you do to keep yourself organized.

I also like hand written books I am sure there are apps etc but I find I plan better and get things done when I work through them in my sketchbook journals. 🍌 🧠


And to end things I am including a bonus image of how I think about cleaning my home.

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