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December Postcard Show at Brassworks Gallery…

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

This December in Portland, Oregon at Brassworks Gallery, I will have a series of 3 works in their annual postcard show. Opening December 9th,2023.

My series —We Are The Weirdos

Is a playful group of furry, feathered, wooly weirdos who love good music. This touches on my love of animals and of course my nostalgic love of music I grew up with that has always stayed in my heart.

This series was really born out of a simple desire to experience and share joy by creating these funny weirdos, they made my heart smile and it was really the perfect medicine during what are some dark days in this world we all live in. I am hoping to spread some light to lift hearts if even for a moment.

I hope you enjoy this and please check back on this post as I will update this entry with a link to the gallery sale section if you are interested in collecting my work thanks for looking and always following along.

Sweet dreams,


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