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Dream pusher - all the projects all the things..:

I am a slow motion beast creating these things, these visions I have in my head. They eventually come to fruition so I keep pushing these dreams along.

Some projects I am pushing along are:

• The Clarity Cloud Podcast

Episode 11 was just released last week so if you haven’t listened check out the podcast tab on my site. I have one more episode left in season one bringing this project to fruition...well for a complete season one. I actually have some idea seeds for season two but that is a future plan others need tending to before that happens.

• Social media posts — IG FB TW YOUTUBE

Photo bits, time lapse art videos and life crumbs.

• New Jersey Map Project:

includes 6 - 8 individual illustration one large group oil painting some digital versions of characters to be used on prints and merch items.

•Lost Roads paintings

oil paintings series dealing with nostalgia.

• Emo-Atomica Series -

Paintings & drawings emotional life maps and emotional character portraits.

•Enlightenerz vs Digital Drain Society

A series an on going battle of finding balance in a technology filled world. Nature vs Technology in short.

The above list are all part of works and projects in progress. Eventually and hopefully coming to fruition... and would you believe there are even more things on my to do list I haven’t even listed here. Somehow having a ridiculous amount of things to finish feels better to me than having one main thing. I have never worked that way. Some people can do that level of focus I can not for whatever reason. Just like currently I have about 4 active sketchbooks. Is this called being scattered or prolific. ;)

NYC view during a rain storm. The buildings once solid are consumed into the clouds. Fogged over realities lost at least for a little while only coming back into focus after the storm passes... just like creative ideas do that ebb and flow process that wakes up sleeps wakes up sleeps a cycle.

A rush hour anomaly empty subway car nyc feeling like the last person on earth when these moments happen. I take it in enjoying the silent world of metal click clacks and rattles. It was a tiny sliver of daily peace and solitude. These pockets of peaceful moments are a welcomed time and only a tiny bit eerie.

So here I am on a train Sketching character studies for a project I’m cooking up - my daily #drawing commute Typically this kind of post is for patrons only on my #Patreon page but I wanted to give a little visual crumb to maybe lure some new patrons into my secret circle your support and following means so much to me.

This little corner on the web let’s me build a special secret space to not only post at you I can connect with you adding another layer to this art life the community that happens can be magical. I like to use this space to share and cook up my ideas early and my patrons get to be the first to experience and see them. All the projects listed above and more are over there to some extents.

Please if you follow my work consider joining me over here so we can grow together in the artist viewer patron experience & relationship. Your eyes and hearts always meant so much to me I would love to give even more. I hope to see you around there and in the wires wherever we may cross paths.

Ok Dreamlets

sweet dreams!


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