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Diving into The Angie Journals

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

It is no secret I spend a great deal of time in my sketchbook journals working out thoughts clearing my brain and just coming up with new visual and verbal connections.

All art and content is ©️Angie Mason 2019

Diving into my journals.

Spending a large amount of time with my head in my books I feel like this platform is a perfect place to share a look into where I am spending time. These are a grouping of recent sketch book drawings. Working out new ideas.

I follow patterns and daydreams and get very meditative at times when I am making images. Sometimes when I am not so clear on my ideas of what I want to communicate or if I am struggling with visualization of thoughts I lean on patterns and colors I let abstract movements of textures shape and color carry me till I am clear minded enough to process a visual story or statement.

Seeing a collection of drawings from different pages and books is a great way to link up the returning ideas and spot repetition in thoughts and patterns.

Making connections to patterns and ideas.

Connecting the dots like a detective bringing to light a clear image for a potential final work. This is all my life marks my living energy transferred to paper and canvas. This is a look into the early beginnings of something that may or may not take shape. But it will certainly influence the overall direction and shape of my work.

I’ve been in transition for the past year full of changes and growth. During this time I have lived in my sketchbooks though it has also been a time of hibernation to the general public as I pulled back from doing many gallery shows. I still do them but I just took a break at pushing so hard. I let myself sit with my books sit with my change and process all I have done and will do.

Following the sparks and light.

It has been a while since I shared this openly at the beginning stages of new things but I feel this is the perfect place to simmer and cook up new things and share as I go along on this visual path that I have been following now almost my entire life over 25 years with serious seeking! I am happy to share the journey with you and that you are along for the ride. 🥰❤️

Dream Yourself Awake,


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