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A Day in the Life in the Studio...

A day In the Life In the studio. A sneak peek at a painting I am working on. Sharing a bit of the thought process for this painting 'QuaranTina Heart Sink Dreama' - A work in progress.

I hope you enjoy and and if you haven't done so already check out my past post about my Sketchbook Meditation Series.

In other news I am thinking about my Clarity Cloud Podcast and think season 2 will be the audio version of the sketchbook meditation series. Let me know if you dig this idea! Tweet me @angiemasonart or find me on tiktok, instagram and facebook. Still not sure which is the best social media platform to reach you guys so I do them all well not all but a handful :)

Ok Time to get back to it!


Angie Mason is a mid career artist, born in Northern New Jersey and a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City. Her prolific visual career has crossed many creative boundaries. Having had solo exhibits in NYC, Berlin Germany as well as having her artwork shown all over the world in numerous group exhibitions. She has also been in the design world working in the toy and publishing industry.

"As a visual person having a wide scope of all visual angles allows for me to constantly examine ideas in new ways that allow for greater discovery and growth within myself and the work." Angie visually explores the darkness and light we face in life through the creation of character narrative works. READ MORE ABOUT ANGIE HERE!


Consider supporting me making more for as little as a $1 per month at Patreon! Did you know on my patreon page I share private sneak peeks into projects I am working on amongst other things depending on the tier you select... if you aren’t a patron but follow my page please let me know you are there by simply liking the post.

If you are a patron I thank you very much and hope you enjoy the special treats I set up for each tier. Tiers start at $1 and go up to $100. All Patrons get the Angie Mason Digital Download Coloring Book! So please have a look and do follow me while you consider becoming a patron.❤️

Also find me on all social media: @angiemasonart (fb, insta, Twitter,Tiktok) Official site: And lastly if you haven’t signed up already head over to to sign up for the mailing list! Oh yeah and listen to my podcast while you’re on my site under the podcast link. Those are ALL THE THINGS! Thank you all you special people I really love you and I love sharing my journey with you! It gives me great joy to share and create for you!

Sweet dreams Dreamlets,

xoxo, Angie

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