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Believe in your powers & embrace those that lift you up.

Believe in your powers and embrace those that lift you up.

Early on in life—way back in kindergarten I was an incredibly shy nervous wreck of a kid. But with the nurturing love of an amazing teacher had made such a huge change in me that launched me in the right direction.

Overcoming shyness was years and years of work—but I always remembered my kindergarten teacher as being one of the first non family people in my life who lifted me up and helped me believe in myself. I was always so grateful for her.

Recently I was reminded of this time in my life and transformation. My mom recently moved and upon packing and unpacking a progress report from when I first began kindergarten and then when I completed kindergarten were unboxed and shared with me. Upon first reading them I cried. I cried at the beauty of growth and change—the beauty of potential being unlocked—freed to blossom and grow. You can read the progress report below.

I wanted to share this to maybe remind you or help you ponder someone who impacted your life. I wanted to also point out even as we grow older in life to always be aware of the helpers and embrace them. They don’t go away if you pay attention and look you will find them. Also as we move into more confident comforting positions we get to become one of the helpers.

That tiny hand (my 5 year old hand) will make so much beauty & magic.

Knowing we can impact each other’s lives in a loving kind way that can truly transform a person to be more of their full selves has such incredible power. I hope more of this power spreads.

Keep dreaming yourself awake, 👁

🖤, Angie

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