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The first time I knew I was an Artist...

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

The First time

The First time I knew I was an artist was when I was 5 and got made fun of for making something backwards and wrong by other kids and my kindergarten teacher took me aside hugged me and said how beautiful and unique my piece was like modern art. My wonderful teacher helped in shifting perception and acceptance all while expanding my mind as well as those around me. It was a moment that stays with me in my heart.

A Second time

I knew I was an artist was when I was 9 and got placed into a special arts program and shortly after got kicked out for not following the rules. I went back to making my art in private and it made me happy making what I wanted.

Structured environments aren’t always healthy or conducive to creativity for me I found that the place that allows you to learn while also exploring without judgement or strict rules was where I experienced the most growth. Now sure everyone is different of course some thrive in environments with strict guidelines this is just my personal experience and I don't thrive in that kind of strict rule based technical world I need space to explore and grow and daydream.

A third time

A third time I knew I was an artist was when I quit a job saying I was following my dreams and the boss at the time told me to f*ck my dreams and I said f*ck you. Many people in your life will not have your best interests at heart. It’s ok to navigate away from these people—always.

These are just a few

These are just a few highlighted moments in my personal experience. The point of all this is to say life doesn’t usually go in our favor so if you want something you just have to dedicate time and push your ideas to fruition against the grain. It’s not an easy journey yet sometimes it can be magical and sometimes it’s filled with great fruits but often times it’s a dark unknown void that if you let it—it will swallow you whole stopping all your progress.

Stay strong, keep going, keep making stuff— things do happen when you do. And on the days you’re really lost—rest look back at all you have made your old work and accomplishments it can help illustrate and let you remember how far you have come on this journey.

The journey is different for everyone but if you have the desire to make something simply put you are an artist no matter your status, skill level or popularity—keep making and exploring and dedicating time to your creative endeavor! On top of everything believe in yourself, eventually others will believe in you too and you will find yourself where you need to be.

Keep Dreaming and Doing!


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