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Giant Head in the Clouds in the Mountains! Taconic Sculpture Park!

I got to visit a magical place the other week where a living artist Roy Hermes Kanwit created

and continues to create mythical inspired large scale sculptures some that you can even

I have been in a head lately!

climb up inside! I did just that! You can see the video and pictures below! I climbed to the top of a huge mother earth head and saw a magnificent view of upstate New York! The married couple have lived here for 37 years building this land up including their incredible home. The sculptures are for sale too! What a treat to meet them and chat! They are super warm friendly people! I love how rich and vibrant this area is filled with so many wonderful lives creating their own worlds and sharing them with others!

Roy and his lovely wife who is a Professor!


If you find yourself upstate they are open on Fridays and weekends 10$ (CASH ONLY) to park but best to call ahead to make sure they are not closed it is 2.5 hours from NYC So definitely plan your visit!

WHERE: Taconic sculpture park 194 Stever Hill Rd, Spencertown, NY 12037

There is an article also posted on Atlas Obscura which is an amazing site full of wondrous places to explore!

PRO TIP: Bring bug spray! Also make a day of it and visit Art Omi just down the road another magical sculpture park!

Thanks for looking at my little field trip :D Hope you enjoyed!


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Sweet Dreams Dreamlets, Angie

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