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Sketchbook Weirdos

Having the realization carrying around a sketchbook is like the equivalent of wearing a painted jacket a painted jacket with all the bands and statements on it or driving around in a bumper sticker filled car saying here I am, I’m a weirdo are you a weirdo too? it is sort of a modern present day freak flag. it’s a rare moment when you come across another weirdo but you know when You come across each other — they’re like minded people they are your tribe even if you don’t speak or say a word you are drawing lines through life connecting the dots visually and just like them you are not alone there are others they exist they are just not as easy to spot.

When you see them with that sketchbook in hand Maybe staring out the window clutching that sketchbook with a pencil doodling daydreams you know you’ve connected and maybe if you’re lucky enough you’ll get to draw next to each other for a passing moment feeling one with the universe connected to pencil, person and paper and you feel a peaceful life force surge through you and it’s short but wonderful.

Sweet Dreams

Weirdos and Dreamlets,


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