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GemmyDoodles Have Arrived!

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Come meet them! Say hello to the sparkly new crystal critter bunch known as GemmyDoodles™!

What’s sparkly, cute and oh so helpful too? It’s GemmyDoodles™ by Angie Mason! Which one‘s for you? This new art collection of cutie crystal critters was brought to life by artist Angie Mason—that’s me!

My love of rocks, minerals, and cute animals was the catalyst to this collection. The idea came to me one morning when I was sitting meditating surrounded by my cats and rock collection.

Learn about each one!

Get ready to discover and unearth the healing energy of this new magical sparkly dream bunch known as GemmyDoodles™ The magical crystal critters were excavated and rescued by Angie Mason, who is so excited to share them with you all!

The GemmyDoodles™ 💎✨ each symbolize certain properties and powers similar to crystal’s metaphysical properties—they vary and can help with different things. Learn about them here on their stat cards or get your very own specimen Poster! Find which one is meant for you 💎✨💖

Let Them into Your Heart! Sing their song!

What's sparkly and cute and oh so helpful too! It's GemmyDoodles™! GemmyDoodles™—which one’s for you? GemmyDoodles, GemmyDoodles they love you! 💎✨💖

Be sure to follow on Instagram to see when adoption sales will pop up to let one into your heart or get a specimen poster of all of them or stickers Get them here!

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