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Get Your Angie Mason Coloring Book - Download Today!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Hello Dear Dreamlets!

I have something very special I made for you guys! It’s an Angie Mason Coloring Book! If you would like the full (over 25 pages) coloring book download pdf all you have to do is pay what you wish by either:

1. Joining me on Patreon for as little as $1.00

monthly which allows you to become an official patron and member of my art community! Here you will get this coloring book download as well as first looks on projects I’m working, special discount codes for my art shop and depending on the tier you choose other pretty neat benefits like snail mail or a bi-monthly print club to name a few. *If you haven’t been sold on going the Patreon route while I’m sad to not see you there I want to make this book available to everyone. CLICK THIS IMAGE LIINK BELOW TO JOIN ME ON PATREON!

2. PAY What you wish via PAYPAL or Venmo!

The second option simply would be a one time pay what you wish to my PayPal or venmo @angiemasonart just click on the one you want below and it will take you there. Starting at $1.00 by clicking here or the image link below. Once you pay what you wish Paypal will ping me alerting me to email you (be sure to use  or make note of what email you want me to contact you at ). I will then simply email the pdf download link with password to you.


Once you made your choice and have your downloadable coloring book you can get those crayons, markers and colored pencils out and make these rainy days zip by while you fill up your very own Angie Mason Coloring Book! Be sure to share them with me on Instagram or twitter using the hashtag: #AngieMasonColoringClub and tag me @angiemasonart I can’t wait to see all the color you bring!

*An additional note for Patreon Patrons: Now I know times are uncertain for all of us right now and I appreciate the support of my art but understand the times we live in. I understand if you need to cancel your membership at any time even after the one month.

These are scary times I know and I hope this little book I made might bring you some comfort and calm when you color. Thank you all! Everyone of you special people I really love you following my journey it gives me great joy to share and create for you! Please stay safe!

Sweet dreams Dreamlets,

now back to dreaming myself awake!

xoxo, Angie

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