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Processed dreams ... things my brain ate recently...

Thought transmission delivered by tapping letters on a screen still lacks the electric energy I feel with pen in hand ✍️to paper that direct conduit feels raw, alive and just wondrous ...though I am trying to embrace all tools to fuel my creative life. Above is a recent page from #theangiejournals

First off Happy Fall as it’s officially here today! 🍁🍂🍃🍂 tonight I am going to see Nick Cave perform and it feels like the perfect way to begin the fall season. So I want to start also by saying I plan on sharing a separate post with photos I took during the world wide Climate Strike protest that I was present at in NYC stay tuned for that one!

What feels like a long time ago now were the days of old, the time I would blog about general present interests. I have been enjoying so many things lately I thought why not share in a post so here it goes a brief sprinkling of culture crumbs to brighten your day!

Recent reads

that sent sparks to my heart are:

Syllabus by Lynda Barry This book is so dreamy and robust with pages full of wisdom and inspiring creativity! She feels like she’s been a spiritual mentor for so many years in my life her wisdom and generosity in sharing her creative process has always brought comfort during those down and out times when you need a boost. Syllabus is like getting to study with her I just love it and the exercises really are meditative and do open you up to just letting go and creating!

Waking the Witch by Pam Grossman this book was a really neat survey of women, witchcraft and power— some of whom were witches or were involved with witchcraft throughout history within the world of art (painters), writers, musicians, to politicians and pop culture overall film & television discussing the influence of witchy women through these different worlds. She does a fantastic job weaving it all together including her own personal stories. Perfect reading for the Autumnal season!

The Miracle Club by Mitch Horowitz This self improvement new thought book presents the mind as an agency - a modern day take on positive thinking and making things come to fruition. Those that know me, know I love bringing things to fruition so this was an inspiring motivating read for sure!

Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim — A fascinating dive into why rest is so important- the stories he tells of how artists, writers ,politicians ,scientists all deal with rest was super interesting to to read about and how it affected their work. As well as science backed studies and how certain behaviors affected overall mind body health. Kick back relax and get reading Or better yet listen to the audiobook so you can close your eyes and listen!

Anxiously awaiting

the new book ‘All Good Things’ by Stephen Ellcock

and the new book Making Comics by Lynda Barry.


Amanda Palmer - There will be no intermission

Drab Majesty- modern mirror

Lizzo- Cause I love you


Creative Peptalk: Art and design business lots of useful information!

Gimme Babble: Art and Life podcast— I have known the 2 David’s since around 2005 when we met through a mutual gallery contact and ended up doing parlor shows at David Hochbaum’s old second ave studio in NYC, as well as group shows and even a crazy art festival in France which they talk about in the show. I know this show is more personal for me but I really think they offer so much of their creative lives and share a ton of their knowledge definitely worth checking out I promise they will make you laugh❤️😊

TV and Movies

The Dark Crystal- The age of resistance — Absolutely amazing and gorgeous! Totally in love with the story the look and just everything! I don’t think this show is for children as it’s pretty heavy and dark. I felt gutted by certain scenes so as gorgeous as it is I would be careful letting little one’s watch this might be too upsetting. Or it might shape a generation as watching Watership Down did to my generation . Parents saw bunnies and left us alone with that one Little did they know. 🤣

Stranger Things season 3 was so damn good! Total nostalgic bliss perfect balance of horror, humor and drama. I think this was a tie with season one for favorite season!

Mister Robot final season looking forward to watching this! Starts in October!

Midsommar - This dark unsettling film from director Ari Aster is so beautiful with its scenery and costumes but had a heavy dose of dark horror through out simply filled with unexpected terrible beauty. ⚠️ Some scenes are not for the faint of heart!



Ok Dreamlets back to drawing! More very soon!


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