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Blog, Podcast and Art shows oh my!

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

This is so great to be able to blog so easily! I am hoping this will come in handy when I am traveling so I can share sketches from #TheAngieJournals :) I want to first mention an Art show alert: for the month of March I have work on view in Asbury Park both at Parlor Gallery and also at Catsbury Park so if you find yourself in the area of New Jersey pop over for sure!

If you have not had a chance to listen I made a podcast called Clarity Cloud Podcast hit the podcast button up top to see some of the most recent episode. If you dig the podcast please subscribe rate and review on apple podcasts, google podcasts and soundcloud. All the engagements helps my podcast grow.

What can you do?

There are numerous way you can help show your support for artists simply by liking or sharing posts and then see below for some more ways you can help.


Your support can come in various forms helping grow my creative life from buying art on the art shop to subscribing to my blog , rating and reviewing it, and support me by becoming a patron over on patreon!

Listen Now!

  1. Visit the Clarity Cloud Blog home

  2. Subscribe on Apple podcasts or GooglePods

  3. Listen on Soundcloud or just listen above!

  4. Click the Podcast link in the menu to listen right now!

  5. Hopefully it ends in your rating me 5 Stars and leave a glowing review

Dreaming Myself Awake,

Angie xoxo

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