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Making A Protest Sign and Voting!

The Making of a Protest Sign

This is a huge important election year for sure! It feels like the moment we decide to embrace democracy or abandon it. I am hoping for full embrace and progress. Because it’s so important I have been using my visual sensibilities to communicate ideas through signs used at various marches and rallies I have attended. Our engagement matters so I march and most importantly I vote.

Rough concept sketch beginnings

As with any creative project I start in my beloved sketchbooks. Once I get a concept and direction for this sign I created a mini mock up of it out of paper ( postit notes to be exact). I now feel ready to take the next step and have a clear vision of how I’m going to build this.

Gathering Materials

  • Lots of cardboard

  • Paint acrylic based works great!

  • Gorilla tape for reinforcements

  • Brushes

  • Scissors or exacto knives

  • Accent Stickers

  • Matte or glaze spray to protect your art

  • Gesso

  • Paper towels

  • and water!

Signs ready for some good trouble!

Vote! It’s the overall message as well as messages of progress. I hope you vote and encourage all in your life to vote! Start here by seeing if your are registered then check on your friends and family! Let’s all make our voices heard 🗳❤️🤍💙

Additional resource for voter protection:

till next time Dreamlets,



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