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Making A Protest Sign and Voting!

The Making of a Protest Sign

This is a huge important election year for sure! It feels like the moment we decide to embrace democracy or abandon it. I am hoping for full embrace and progress. Because it’s so important I have been using my visual sensibilities to communicate ideas through signs used at various marches and rallies I have attended. Our engagement matters so I march and most importantly I vote.

Rough concept sketch beginnings

As with any creative project I start in my beloved sketchbooks. Once I get a concept and direction for this sign I created a mini mock up of it out of paper ( postit notes to be exact). I now feel ready to take the next step and have a clear vision of how I’m going to build this.

Gathering Materials

  • Lots of cardboard

  • Paint acrylic based works great!

  • Gorilla tape for reinforcements

  • Brushes

  • Scissors or exacto knives

  • Accent Stickers

  • Matte or glaze spray to protect your art

  • Gesso

  • Paper towels

  • and water!

Signs ready for some good trouble!

Vote! It’s the overall message as well as messages of progress. I hope you vote and encourage all in your life to vote! Start here https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/ by seeing if your are registered then check on your friends and family! Let’s all make our voices heard 🗳❤️🤍💙

Additional resource for voter protection:


till next time Dreamlets,



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