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Magical gifts from Leonora Carrington: Tarot Deck & Art Book

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

I feel incredibly lucky to be adding this book and tarot deck of Leonora Carrington’s visionary surreal artwork to my personal collection. Since I was in my late teens discovering artist Leonora Carrington at art school, I was instantly in love and connected to both her and her work. She is one of my art hero’s dedicating her whole life to a creative art path. I am on that path myself and she is a spiritual mentor and inspiration along this journey.

I am so excited to share some photos of the tarot deck of major arcana cards and the beautiful silk bound art book Limited edition print run from sold through Gallery Wendi Norris. This was part of a limited edition of 400 printed.

Here is what the gallery says about the book:

  • “The Tarot of Leonora Carrington is the first book dedicated to this important aspect of the artist’s work. It includes a full-size facsimile of her newly discovered Major Arcana; an introduction from her son, Gabriel Weisz Carrington; and a richly illustrated essay from Tere Arcq and Susan Aberth that offers new insights ­—­­­ exploring the significance of tarot imagery within Carrington’s wider work, her many inspirations and mysterious occult sources.

  • Published by Fulgur Press. Limited quantities available. Edition of 400”

A look inside the book and deck

The beautiful silk bound art book came safely nestled in a black cloth bound protective box with silver moon insignia and title spine in silver. The Deck is neatly tucked into the

protective case. The deck itself is pure delight being able to see Leonora’s takes on classic major arcana cards.The cards are edged in a brilliant silver that looks almost mirror like when all together. The only wish I have for this set is it to be a full deck. But it is so magical seeing her visions on each card as well as seeing the works in the accompanying book.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into one of my favorite artists worlds! The above link to Gallery Wendi Norris has different price points and options if you are interested in getting one for yourself. Sweet dreams Dreamlets! I hope you are taking care of yourself at this end of year cycle and getting the rest, healing and hibernation we all need to reset.

Dreaming Myself Awake,


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