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And just like that I wish you all a Healing New Year.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

2020 a year that changed the entire world. A global pandemic created a great shift and is still shifting as we speak. Political and social upheavals again shifting still and my heart deeply hopes we can shift toward progress kindness compassion and healing. We all faced so many challenges, struggles, loneliness and loss this year. It’s easy to count the ways this has been a terrible year and say good riddance however I always believe all struggles in life are a way to learn and grow.

As I reflect on this past year I think what do I want to change how I can help and finally how I can move forward knowing what I know now. We all lost so many bright lights this year making a dark year feel even darker. I know many of you have suffered great loss this year and it is my hope you can find ways to hold on to loved ones lost incorporating their memory into your everyday existence to honor them. I want to progress with all the pain and loss in my heart and hold onto lessons and not gloss over or block out the bad things. I want to take the bandaid off the wound to let it heal. And see light again out of the darkness.

The isolation from this past year really hit deep at random moments in my daily life. I would be sitting at my table or any random place and the sadness of everything would overtake me and I would just breakdown and cry. I honor my emotions I won’t hold back tears I let them flow and let them run down my face over my heart and let it help move towards healing.

2020 the year comfort food went to new levels... it began in early March as we sheltered in place entering quarantine life I began with bread baking to baked Rajma to roasted chickens and other delights. Cooking has brought so much comfort and really did help during some of the darkest days. For that I am grateful.

Speaking of quarantine life enter the quarandreams.... my dream life has definitely leveled up to a whole new level of weird, inspiring many of the works I made this year. For that—as weird and anxiety filled as they can be at times—I am grateful, for they fueled my creativity.

I am grateful for YOU, following along on my creative journey. These online platforms can be difficult lonely places to navigate but you guys who showed up over and over cheering me on it really helped heal my heart in more ways than you can imagine. THANK YOU!

This year we witnessed horrifying truths about our society and systemic racism. The fact it was brought to light in such terrible heartbreaking ways is of course sad and makes you angry but my hope is we can learn and grow together from this painful past into a more just equitable society. Moving forward I know a lot of work needs to happen but I am here and wanting to progress, listen, help and grow with you all.

My hope is we can all embrace love and kindness toward each other and truly hear one another. Lift up and celebrate all our differences and find new paths. My hope is also that we can keep fighting to end so much corruption selfishness and greed. The world has been a darker and darker place over the past 4 years and I look toward to the future and see a ray of light and hope flickering in the distance. I am grateful for all of those who raised their voices and keep fighting toward a more unified fair society. I see you,I thank you!

So here we are still in a global pandemic 😷 we are living through history. It all happened so fast life practically changed over night. For me it started to be noticeable in mid to late February but really hit early March as we got work from home orders and I stopped commuting into NYC.

That last day there already felt like I was on the set of some dystopian apocalyptic movie. We all shifted and adjusted maybe still adjusting at times now but I am personally grateful for being able to work from home during a pandemic not everyone had that ability I know. I am grateful for my home studio now design house. My family and cats love me and I love them!

This year in regard to work has been an incredibly hard year for many including those close to me with covid layoffs it’s an unprecedented time. I went through layoffs in the 2008/2009 recession it was HARD and I know how dark days can sneak up on you when you feel like giving up... to YOU I say keep pushing forward in whatever ways you can, exploring new paths whatever those may be just keep growing and keep going! Life really does ebb and flow and opportunities will come again just keep your head up and eyes open to see them! Also be gentle with yourselves give your brain a break. I speak from experience we all need to rest and reset. So much love to you all!

Some final things I am grateful for this year are science, essential workers ALL from medical to grocery store to postal workers and everyone in between, you for wearing a mask, family & friends and video call technology!

Here is to a HEALING NEW YEAR!

Love to you all!

Angie xoxo

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