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The Making Of Girl In Eruption - In the Studio With Angie Mason

The Making Of Girl In Eruption - In the Studio With Angie Mason

This piece was inspired by a trip I took to Hawaii where I stayed on a lava field as well as spending time at Volcano National park . It was here, where I saw an active volcano for the first time in my life. The hot vibrant orange was otherworldly and is so beautiful! The energy I felt at the volcano and on the lava fields was electrifying! On the lava fields as I stood on this primal land–new earth if filled my heart with a peaceful connected energy.

This peaceful meditative land, where when the sunlight hits the lava rock in just the right way you can see rainbows reflected on this new earth. It can fool you to be a deceptive baron landscape upon first look. With it's dark rich black void consuming all old life in it’s pathway. Yet, Upon deeper inspection you see the ground cracks open up pushing out new life. It is here where the light seeps in and up sprouts a new beginning.

The experience of witnessing an active volcano is one I have tried put into words but, could never quite express the exquisite wonder that flowed through me when I was present. It affected me on a deep level and I carried Pele in my heart since! I have felt a connection to the this primal land. Now with this artwork—‘Girl in Eruption’ is the idea of a creative energy waking up.

I had gone through a creative hibernation period–a time in my life much like a sleeping volcano. With so much to give bubbling underneath the surface. But during a dormant creative hibernation there is not much we can do force this awakening. Girl in Eruption is that moment of waking up a fiery energetic creative life. Bursting hearts open flowing ideas spilling out like lava creating new worlds.

This is a small peek behind the process of this piece to show you were I travel to when making a work. This piece was about celebrating the power of waking up a creative life again after a dormant period. That dormant sleeping volcano was at times a dark cold seemingly lifeless mountain of nothing. I had gone through a slow period of creating and this piece was me finally releasing all the ideas and colors that have been living inside me under the surface.

This is Girl in Eruption. I hope you enjoy seeing the birth of this piece. And remember no matter how bad things get throughout our lives may the light always seep through and grow new beginnings.Thank you for watching!

Sweet Dream Dreamlets!


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