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The life of a painting - the journey from sketch to full fruition final painting...

I thought it would be nice to make a post about process and track one of my paintings from this year to see how in fact it came to be. Keep reading to view the visual journey from rough line drawing doodle to final painting hanging on a gallery wall!


Simple rough lines that is all you need to birth an idea! Don't worry about being perfect just get the thought down on paper document it so it can grow from there!

The Painting started as a simple line drawing doodle in my book and grew from there... words also play a role in my image making and the title of this painting wanted to be a poem... here it is:


'Rooted Dreamers dwell on Gliders, 

sometimes making life feel harder.

Feeling stuck and struggling,

looking up can be disheartening.

The Gliders float by so freely,

making one feel quite uneasy.

They see the world and pass us by, 

rooted in our ways we cry.

Oh how wondrous it would be,

to fly above the world with ease.

But blossoms grow and life is lush,

there is beauty that’s surrounding us.

Sometimes we forget this

because struggles feel so tall.

But throughout difficult times

there’s a song inside us all.

We push forward growing anew,

for life is beautiful here too!'

–Angie Mason

MEDIA: Acrylic 

SIZE: 20x20 Heavy Duty Canvas 

ARTIST: Angie Mason ©2019

*Available through Parlor Gallery - part of the Square Pegs Exhibition opening 2/9/2019

My cat really is my biggest fan!


Done! It's show time!

From Sketch to finished painting hanging in the gallery wall and maybe just maybe it will find a home in your heart. Ok well this was a little visual journey down process lane!

Stay tuned for more posts from The Angie Journals as I take it on the road! Fungalina is with me too and excited for the big shroom drop around the world on June 15th! Watch my instagram and this blog for updates! @angiemasonart

Sweet Dreams

Weirdos and Dreamlets,


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