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The Angie Journals: Digital Doodle Daydreams

Extending The Angie Journals from my sketchbooks into this digital realm. Just another visual tool to practice exploring on. I recently got a new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil so I’ve been playing around in Procreate mostly as well as Adobe Sketch. The days honestly feel so full and time goes so fast I have other paintings and drawings in progress but didn’t want to share them yet. So this digital exploration seems like a neat new thing to share to see how it grows and where it will go.

Please enjoy this time lapse movie of my drawing ✍️

In other news I have mentioned my podcast project Clarity Cloud Podcast - I am so close you guys to finishing Episode 11... I was taking my time sitting with the topic as well as doing my best to balance life so I am slow yes but moving forward.

This is just a quick dispatch from my morning train Ride to let you know I am still on my visual art path some days I can feel foggy but I push through that. I think it’s a natural feeling we all go through where you might have an off time period of questioning things and meaning and purpose of it all with that sticky feeling of why bother seeping over you but i clear myself of that bad energy, realign and find my purpose again and get back on the path.

Is this a pattern, part of the creative cycle for me? Perhaps. If you feel this way too I can only share that it feels cyclical and passes and if you train your brain to being dedicated to say making visuals and ideation of new concepts / worlds — you can get there pushing past the low energy days of why bother. Yes, it’s a lot of work — it takes dedication and time, but I am in this visual path pretty deep now at 45 years at this thing. Basically in short I am not stopping I may go slow sometimes taking pauses but I eventually hit play and make my version of a record album except it’s a collection of visual images a visual poem a marker of my existence in this vast universe and noisy world. A little life crumb letting you know I was here and if you follow the crumbs you will find me.

Ok more later Dreamlets,


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