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Studio Tour! Sharing my studio!

This is a fun little opening up of my private magical space where I create most of my artwork.

I have a studio in my home so in all honesty as an artist we tend to spread out don't we. This post will focus on primarily my studio space and my library sitting room where I sit with sketchbook and thoughts and even recorded several podcast episodes of Clarity Cloud Podcast under a blanket there! Won't you come in for a visit!

My cat Bezzlebubs also likes to get in on the action and fancies himself an artist.

My Sitting / Reading room is an important part of my creative process... it's in those quiet peaceful moments my mind can relax and ponder ideas and dreams as well as note and plan out projects or even record a podcast!

I hope you enjoyed this very special sneak peak at where I most love to be! If you enjoyed this post and also enjoy my work please consider joining me over on Patreon where you can become a patron with special benefits based on monthly support starting at $1 up to the moon! Please visit and if you join me you will be helping me further my creative projects and also be part of a special community my personal art community!

I hope you enjoyed this little visit! See you soon with more art!

Angie Mason

Angie Mason

Angie Mason

Ok Dreamlets you know the drill...

Dream Yourself Awake!

Angie <3

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