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New artwork for 2019


'Rooted Dreamers dwell on Gliders, 

sometimes making life feel harder.

Feeling stuck and struggling,

looking up can be disheartening.

The Gliders float by so freely,

making one feel quite uneasy.

They see the world and pass us by, 

rooted in our ways we cry.

Oh how wondrous it would be,

to fly above the world with ease.

But blossoms grow and life is lush,

there is beauty that’s surrounding us.

Sometimes we forget this

because struggles feel so tall.

But throughout difficult times

there’s a song inside us all.

We push forward growing anew,

for life is beautiful here too!'

MEDIA: Acrylic 

SIZE: 20x20 Heavy Duty Canvas 

ARTIST: Angie Mason ©2019

*Available through Parlor Gallery - part of the Square Pegs Exhibition opening 2/9/2019

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