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January–Mind Gunk

Mind Gunk

January is a messy and sticky

Cloudy fog clog

All the gunk of life

From last year is still

Deeply stuck on you

It’s not a flip switch

Fresh start trick

It’s more of a breathe deep

And shake off the mind gunk chunks

And stale life crumbs

It’s a steady slow

rumble shake process

Rest and repeat

Keep breathing deep and

Don’t let the end of year exhaustion

And new year pressure

Press you

Happy nowhere you are here

That is enough—that is ok

Deep breath—Breathe

Feel that? You are alive

And...THAT is glorious

Place your hand on your heart

Feel the vibration of your energy

Flowing through you

So go on be a sticky stuck slob

Allow the steadiness of living

Loosen the gunk

And fall away as you

Continue to live

Shaking off days

It takes time for shifts

So be gentle as you may be still

Dusty dirty and down in the dumps

Mind gunk goo can really

Get stuck to you

All the pressure planner nonsense

Swirls around online in our days

Turn your eyes and look away

Keep breathing and resting

and be loving to your mind

Be gentle, go slow

And always be kind .

Waking up,


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