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Meeting new ideas, making art, mushroom hearts and art happenings!

I have been dreaming of mushrooms and fungus again and out of this I met Fungalina— who I first met one early morning meditation she stumbled out of the corner of my mind holding her huge heart in her tiny hands she was so cute and had a kind face I had to make her real so I studied her in my dream drawing her in the air tracing with my finger committing her to memory so I could hold on to her and put her to paper as soon as I could that morning... see she made her first appearance to me while I was in the middle of subway ride packed with passengers I looked down and saw her looking up at me she followed me off the train and walked or stumbled her way adorably through the NYC Occulus. This is a true story how she came to life.

A bit about Fungalina is she is so full of loving kindness that her heart keeps growing from all the love she has for life — it’s grown so big she carries her heart with her 2 hands stumbling around kind and happy and over sharing her over growth of love and kindness with everyone she meets. Life is attracted to her and grows on her attaching to her being. She is a magician of sorts as her power is pure love. If you stumble upon Fungalina in the wild it is a sign of good fortune and hope and most likely means you are loved. She plans on traveling so be on the look out for her! She is totally one of the Botanicuties ™️and is close friends with the Enlightenerz who you will get to know better soon too!

I am so excited for this little lady with a big heart ❤️🍄 She will be taking part in the The Game of Shrooms — a world wide art happening! Curated by artist and co creator of HiFructose — Attaboy. The show promo below is from Attaboy @attayumfactory.

These art works of mushrooms will be hidden and given clues on social media for people to find them and post and share and collect their new found art! Follow along with #gameofshrooms and #shroomdrop it all happens only on 6.15.19! And the most magical part of this is I will be in Switzerland so my little Fungalina will get to travel the world for this game! Are you game? Learn more here:

Ok Dreamlets now back to Dreaming myself awake! More soon!


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