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5 LIFE CRUMBS: Five Things in my life to share

welcome to my new blog series 5 LIFE CRUMBS: Five Things in my life to share. This is simply a way to connect and share more of my everyday life. From my garden to hikes to quiet moments or podcasts or music I heard to books I read, anything really.

It will grow and change with each post. This is the kick off! Let's go!

Life is full of experiences, things, faces, sounds, sights and lots of magic shows itself if you pay attention to it. Here are a few of my very own recent Life Crumbs.

Not listed in any particular order these were some memorable moments I thought I would share. Life is pretty full and not all of it is spent making artwork, a good portion of it in fact is spent just living and existing... here are a few recent takeaways.

LIFE CRUMB #1 - Garden Days keeping me grounded

Here are some summer blooms that recently showed up in my garden. Today there are big thunderstorms and the dark gray sky deepens the greens everything looks lush and full. The peace I get from my garden is immeasurable I am so very grateful for all the beauty it graces me daily.

LIFE CRUMB #2 - An absolutely fantastic Podcast experience The Emerald...

This is SO MUCH MORE than a podcast! It's a stunning rich layered meditative extremely thoughtful beautiful experience. This has been so healing to listen to and I want to sing it's praises and spread it's amazing existence in our world. Take the time breath slow and close your eyes and listen! LISTEN HERE!

LIFE CRUMB #3 - Nostalgia Dives - Making a customized Jean Jacket

When nostalgia comes knocking I always answer. Nostalgia has always grounded me. I find it both comforting and healing. Looking back helps me look forward.

Recently I was cleaning out my basement and found an old jean jacket and a bag of silver punk rock studs. The kind you would use to decorate your old painted leather jackets.

I had a vision of taking that jean jacket and making my adult version of my old punk rock jacket... reflecting not bands but things I have created and think about like my clarity cloud art patch and weathered souls totem pin... and to top it off a big silver studded eye design on the back of the jacket to keep an eye out as well as a symbol for vision and clarity.

These pictures are the progress so far. I am having a lot of fun with this... though it's a lot of hand work—so far I have not punctured any fingers!

LIFE CRUMB #4 - Time in the woods

Quiet walks in the woods offer not only peace but some magical moments with so many woodland creatures. I recently hiked on the patriots path at Black River park in Chester, NJ and also visited a favorite local arboretum Laurelwood in Wayne, NJ, which has turned into a mini sculpture park as well! The critters were very active at the arboretum, it was so joyful watching them. Here are some photos from both days… both are lovely places to visit I recommend both! Chester is full of nature and farms and so much historical charm A great day trip especially in the fall!

LIFE CRUMB #5 - National Ice Cream day is a holiday to celebrate more than one day a year!

Sunday July 17th was National Ice Cream day. I decided to go and get a cup of cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker and strawberries smashed into it. It was pretty delightful. Normally, I tend to get a cup of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup my classic go to but for the holiday I decided to get a little crazy ;).

BONUS LIFE CRUMB - Found on the web not sure of credit but it speaks volumes!

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Always so thankful for all and any support!

Keep daydreaming and taking breaks to reset yourself

Life is so incredibly difficult and it seems if you only watch the news it just keeps spiraling out of control. I find for my own sanity taking quiet unplugged breaks grounds me especially in nature or my garden and spending time with my cats. I hope maybe some of the above Life Crumbs I shared can help you conjure up your own list.

Till next time,

keep dreaming

yourself awake!


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