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Blue Cat Pattern
Blue Cat 2
Merry Merriment_Holiday 2022
Blue Cat 1
The Wanderer
The Earth Demons Series
Disconnected but more human than you know
Supine Mesh.png


One early morning I came to be a part of this crazy world. At the age of four, now fully bonkers like the rest of humanity, I moved into my childhood home. A small house, in N.J., set back in the woods with a swamp right behind the house equipped with snapping turtles and beavers. It was in this home where my artistic interests would develop and several failed attempts at flight would also take place. 


The creative force inside me drove me over the edge a lot of times …. scribbling pictures and words on the walls, carving images into my mothers’ good furniture and just doodling doodles on everything right down to my shoes. I kept at this and here I am a working artist...

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