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Keep going, keep doing the thing that sets sparks in your heart.

This is an excerpt from my podcast Clarity Cloud. The words really resonate with me and I wanted to share them here to maybe bring some comfort or relief in your day.

Out of the darkness

I am sure you know by now this journey is not for the faint of heart. You face a lot of monsters and demons along the way you must do battle with. Self doubt being a big ugly monster that is so tenacious at times it could almost feel at times it’s winning.

But I tell you from all my years following this winding path seeing some sharp dark turns I just kept drawing, painting and writing and—even at times strumming my way out of the darkness. You will find yourself alone often, it can seem like you are the only pair of eyes looking at what you are doing—believing in what you are doing—but even if that is the actual case nurture your vision believe in what you are making. This has a great power pushing you forward on your path.

Scribble, doodle, scrawl and draw your way out of the darkness. This constant dedicated focus and maybe not so focused action will eventually come to sharp clarity and by doing the thing—the thing makes you and guides you along getting you found.

Knowing about the cycles of creation—having that awareness can allow for growth to happen—say during a creative hibernation where you can still remain dedicated just in a more restful state absorbing ideas. Being aware of things we discussed in previous episodes like time thieves and the pits of perfectionism and chaos births. All these things can be navigated and you can find your way out pushing through with dedication to your idea —your vision path.

Stay on the path!

Keep going, keep doing the thing that sets sparks in your heart. When your heart’s ablaze it lights the way and it fills you with courage and determination to go after those ideas you have visit you—grab them—hold them—let them stay awhile — even let those ideas live with you finding a home in your vision and dedication.

In the end don’t stop doing the things you do — sing a song, doodle a dream, make marks push paint, push dreams...strengthen your skills, scribble, scrawl, doodle your way out of the darkness by being dedicated and doing the thing you love — a little every day goes a long way.

I wish us both luck on our creative journeys and hope we all bring many ideas to fruition! Just do and be and try—and always dream yourself awake.

Now—go catch some ideas and make them want to live within your heart!

Goodnight Dreamlets, Angie

Listen here:

To hear this episode in it’s entirety please visit my podcast page and check out episode 12 as well as the rest of Season One.

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